Club and Lake History

This history has been compiled starting with a short history by Gay Means and information collected for CSC's 60th Anniversary celebration in 1999. It was expanded using club archives and information collected for the White Rock Lake Museum in 2004. The history is updated as new information becomes available.There is also a list of sources at the bottom of the page.

Lake and Park

History Dam


The Dam

White Rock Creek was dammed to form White Rock Lake in 1911 to provide water for Dallas following a severe drought. The lake was out in the country and became a weekend retreat at the time.

Bonnie Barge


Park Develops in 30s 

White Rock Lake Park developed along with the sailing clubs in the 20s and 30s.  Many of the parks structures, as we know them today, were constructed by the CCC during the great depression.

History dry lake 1997a



White Rock Lake has quite a large watershed and collects silt from the creeks feeding the lake.  The lake has been dredged four times.


Sailing Clubs

DSC west shore pier

Early Sailing Clubs 

The sailing clubs had their origins in the boathouses of the 20s.  The first sailboat race was held in 1926.  The lake's first sailing club, the Dallas Sailing Club, was formed in 1928. There have been four sailing clubs on the lake.

Snipe Southwesterns 1948


CSC Formed 

The Corinthian Sailing Club was formed in 1939. World War II slowed, but  did not stop sailing on the lake.  The lake dried up for a couple of years during the droughts in the 1950s. 


CSC History 1960 South Walkway


CSC in the 1960s

The 1960s brought mass production, fiberglass boats to the lake permanently changing the sailing landscape. The club expanded rapidly though the decade becoming the largest sailing club on White Rock. 

Lasers mid70s


CSC in the 1970s 

The 1970s were an active time at CSC with sailing participation at an all time high. There were problems with unruly visitors in the park that lead to partitioning Lawther Drive so that one could no longer drive around the lake.. 

Clubhouse new 8


CSC in the 1980s 

The facilities were again expanded in the 1980s and a new clubhouse constructed. CSC received the St. Petersburg Yacht Club Trophy for outstanding race management.

History 60th


CSC in the 1990s

CSC celebrated its 60th anniversary in 1999. The White Rock Sailing Club was disbanded and Snipe Fleet 1 moved to CSC. The Women's Racing Program and CSC Special Olympics participation began. The North Gazebo and North-South walkway were rebuilt.

CSC Pads and Docks 01


CSC in the 2000s 

The Leukemia Cup Centerboard Regatta was all started. The Laser Fleet moved to the club. CSC went online with e-mail communications and this website. A long term plan to renovate the club facilities was initiated. 

Centennial Celebration Logo 2011


CSC in the 2010s

White Rock Lake celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2011. CSC hosted US SAILING's Championship of Champions that same year. The club started accepting credit cards for payment of dues, etc. And, CSC celebrated its 80thanniversary in 2019.

COVID-19 Virus

CSC - The Present 

That brings us to the present as we carry the tradition forward. We started the decade with world pandemic of a virus which infected millions. All sailing activities were suspended for several months.  A major overhaul in club facilities and information sharing infrastructure were undertaken at this time.

More Stuff

Sources and Continued Development

Spinnaker March 1933
  • These are the sources from which this history was drawn.
  • We would like to keep this history alive and build on this foundation.  If you have memories or photos that you would like to share with CSC club members, we will try to work them into this history. Some items that would help round out this portrait of our club include - Why CSC was formed?  Information and photos of CSC in the 1930s, 40s and 50s. A list of members in the early 1940s. A list of CSC sailor's successes on the bigger stage.  There are surely many more stories that members would enjoy. Please take the time to jot down your thoughts, if you would like to help capture our past, and send them to the webmaster.

Early Clubs


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