Hellcat at WRBC

This page shows the various types of boats that have been active in the racing program on White Rock Lake over the years. The boats are presented in the approximate order that they were introduced to the lake. The supporting information includes the designer, date the boat was first launched, length overall in feet and inches (L), displacement in pounds (D) and sail area in square feet of the main, jib and spinnaker (M, J, S). The table at the bottom of the page shows the approximate time frames that the boats were active in the racing program on the lake. Other boats that may have raced on the lake include the Star (1930s - 40s), Pram (1940s), Sunfish (1960s), Goldfish (1970s) and Hellcat (1960s-70s). 

New Sails for Goldfish - DMN Feb 1969

The Hellcat (photo top) and Goldfish (photo bottom) were designed and manufactured by White Rock sailors Phil and Peter Oetking and F. C. Gaines. 

The US Hellcat 300 was billed as the "world's fastest sailboat." The catamaran was 25' long with a 12' beam and carried 300 sq. ft. or sail on a 36' mast. There were also smaller 12' and 18' models.

The Goldfish was developed for the 30+ women sailing on White Rock Lake in the late 60s and was similar to the Sunfish. Robert Cummings, a local sailmaker, cut a special sail carrying flour de lis, daisies, etc. for the women.

Thanks to Museumscapes of Richardson, TX for the line drawings and insignia graphics which were prepared for the sailing display at the White Rock Lake Museum.


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