Club Officers

Back Row: Robert, George, Eric, Tom M, Tom H, Bill
Front Row:  Renee, Griffin, Gene, Jim
Not Shown: Jody Smith, Graham Bryant

Current CSC Club Officers

Griffin Orr 585-259-3897C

Vice Commodore:
Jim Stillson 214 208 6916
Gene Soltero 214-336-2864

Past Commodore:
Renee Comen 214-282-9490C

Rear Commodore - Membership:
Tom Hoolan 214-458-2605

Rear Commodore - Pier:
Graham Bryant  214-649-9150

Rear Commodore - Entertainment:
Robert Dorrell 972-322-5075

Rear Commodore - Equipment:
Tom Miller 214-641-9162C

Rear Commodore - Information Technology:
George Szaboky 972-479-1782

Rear Commodore - Sailing Education:
Renee Comen 214-282-9490C

Bill Kreston 214-394-6567

Eric Reisdorf 214-587-6432C

Registrar of Davits and Board Boat Pads:
Jody Smith 214-475-3294

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Past Commodores