Club Officers

Back Row: Porter, Tom, Anderson, Graham, Greta
Front Row:  Eric, Heidi, Renee, Steve, Griffin, Ellen, Mark

Current CSC Club Officers

Steve Benenson 214-801-7340C

Vice Commodore:
Anderson Jones 214-232-1542W

Past Commodore:
Heidi Gough 972-977-9369C

Rear Commodore - Membership:
Renee Comen 214-282-9490C

Rear Commodore - Pier:
Mark Mihm 214-450-4580C

Rear Commodore - Entertainment:
Greta Mittman 214-417-1667C

Rear Commodore - Equipment:
Tom Miller 214-641-9162C

Rear Commodore - Information Technology:
Griffin Orr 585-259-3897C

Rear Commodore - Sailing Education:
Ellen and Graham Bryant 214-762-0056C

Tim Ponter  

Eric Reisdorf 214-587-6432C

Davit Registrar:
Porter Fuqua 214-288-0275C

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Past Commodores