Carol Gough Memorial Award

Carol Gough Trophy

Purpose:  To recognize the accomplishments and life of Carol Gough, to be awarded to the person who best promotes women's racing at the Corinthian Sailing Club, and who embodies the Corinthian spirit. 

This award and Carol are a celebration of women in the sport of sailboat racing. They reflect and show appreciation for the the special nuances of female competitors.  

The award is presented to the CSC member who is open to teaching, supporting women racers according to their needs and learning style.  The recipients listen before speaking, they are encouraging, approachable and give you a smile.  They have honor, integrity and do the right thing, even if no one is around.  They embody, and teach,  grace under pressure - competing and winning, but not at the expense of others.  They have actively promoted and supported all potential CSC female competitors in the Adams Cup, the US Women's Sailing Championship; regardless of their chance to win the title.   

Eligibility:  Any member in good standing at CSC 

Selection Process:  Each fleet is allowed to nominate one person for the award. The nominee does not need to be from that fleet (it can be at large).   The Board can also nominate someone.  The Board votes on the nominees.  In the event of a tie, the Commodore decides.  The award is presented at the CSC Annual Awards Banquet.


2023 Sydney Orr

2022 Nina Cummings

2021 Katie Bayless

2020 Diana Kao

2019 Bowman O'Connor 

2018 Bowman O'Connor 

2017 Rachael Mittman

2016 Audrey Duffell

2015 Alanna Stong

2014 Bowman O'Connor 

2013 Kelly Gough

2012 Ralph "Red Dog" Jones

2011 Alanna Strong

2010 Masie Comen 

2009 Greta Mittman 

2008 Debbie Adams

2007 Gina Wilson 

2006 Bowman O'Connor 

2005 Jennifer Judkins

2004 Renee Comen

2003 Tracy Aber

2002 Natalie Mauney

2001 Frank Richards

2000 Greta Black

1999 Kai Kunnapas