CSC Club Championship

Morris Martin Trophy


The Maurice Martin Trophy is presented to the winner of the club championship regatta each year at the Awards Banquet. 

The Corinthian Sailing Club pays tribute each year to one of the local wooden boat builders - Maurice Martin. In 1960, Commodore Bednar donated a trophy for the CSC champion commemorating Martin who had died the prior year. (See deed of gift below.) He was a charter member of CSC and had built many of the Snipes and Lightnings on the lake. The 1951 photo shows Martin and his son in their Lightning.

The club championship was originally conducted as the Maurice Martin Memorial Handicap Series. In 1966, the format was changed to a regatta at the end of the racing season to help stimulate greater club interest. It was a weekend of all-out club racing to determine the CSC champion. Three races were scheduled on Saturday and two on Sunday. Fleet champions (one from each fleet) competed against one another in various fleet boats, changing boats for each new race. Non-fleet contenders were determined by handicap races run along with the normal fleet races. The championship then changed to a single boat format. The boat type was rotated year to year. In the mid-1990s, we started using a Portsmouth handicap allowing each club member to sail their own boats.

Our thanks to Richard Wade for reconstructing this information.  

2023 Snipe/Snipe Gene Saltero
2022 Flying Scot/Flying Scot Paul Miller
2021 Handicap/Butterfly Paul Miller
2020 Butterfly/Flying Scot Griffin Orr
2019 Laser/Laser Griffin Orr
2018 Snipes/Flying Scot Griffin Orr
2017 Corinthian/Flying Scot Mike Rist
2016 Flying Scot/Flying Scot Kelly Gough
2015 Snipe/Snipe Gene Saltero
2014 Vanguard 15/Vanguard 15 Gavin Rudolph
2013 Corinthian/Corinthian Alvin Skelton
2012 Handicap/Flying Scot Kelly Gough
2011 Handicap/Flying Scot Richard Wade
2010 Handicap/Flying Scot Richard Wade
2009 Handicap/Flying Scot Jeff Perna
2008 Handicap/Flying Scot Scott Mauney
2007 Handicap/Flying Scot Kelly Gough
2006 Fleet Qual/Laser Mark Babb
2005 Handicap/Butterfly/Flying Scot Richard Wade
2004 Handicap/Corinthian/Flying Scot   Richard Wade
2003 Handicap/Laser/Snipe Gene Soltero
2002 Handicap Scott Mauney
2001 Handicap Marke Smith
2000 Handicap Richard Wade
1999 Handicap Richard Wade
1998 Handicap Scott Mauney
1997 Handicap Chris Dukeminier
1996 Handicap Kelly Gough
1995   Richard Wade
1994   Chris Dukeminier
1993   Jeff Perna
1992 Flying Scot Richard Wade
1991 Corinthian Kelly Gough
1990 Flying Scot Bob Gough
1989 Corinthian Gordon Prejean
1988 M20 Richard Wade
1987 Flying Scot Richard Wade
1986 Rebel Richard Wade
1985   Richard Wade
1984 Flying Scot Richard Wade
1983 M20 Chris Dukeminier
1982 Rebel Richard Wade
1981 M20 Richard Wade
1980 Corinthian Gordon Prejean
1979   Jesse Uyeda
1978   Brad Davis
1977   Nat Wells
1976   Bryan Willson
1975   Kelly Gough
1974   Kelly Gough
1973   Kelly Gough
1972   Nat Wells
1971   Nat Wells
1970   Fred Tears
1969   David Fagin
1968   Manning Grinnan
1967   David Fagin
1966   Jim DeBoisblanc
1965   Craig Coltharp
1964   David Fagin
1963   Jim DeBoisblanc
1962   John Seldon
1961   Austin Moore
1960   Milton Price
1959   John J. Arps


The Martin Trophy

The Martin Trophy is presented to the Corinthian Sailing Club of Dallas in honor of J. Maurice Martin, the boat builder and charter member of the club.

This trophy is to be presented annually to the champion of the club. Each recipient is to retain the trophy for one year and is expected to have his name and the year of the presentation engrave on the name plate. Each recipient shall have the honor of presenting the trophy to his successor.

The first recipient who is to hold the trophy through 1960 and have his name engrave on the name plat is Jan Arps. The donor of the trophy request that he serve as chairman of a committee to recommend a method by which the club championship shall be determined in the future years. Other members who are requested to serve on this committee are Captain Harold Boss, Captain Largent Parks, Captain Dale Selzer, and Captain Kieth Young. The committee shall be free to enlarge its membership to include other boat representation as it deems necessary.

This trophy is presented to the club with the hope that a suitable small trophy will be presented by the club each year to remain in the permanent possession of each recipient.

The only other restriction the donor wishes to impose is that in the event that a club champion cannot be determined by racing, a champion be named by a suitable committee appointed for that purpose.

W. C. Bandar, Commodore

March 15, 1960