Old Salts Trophy 

Ed Lockey Memorial Old Salts Trophy

In recognition and honor of the crusty old salts who sail at the Corinthian Sailing Club. Selected by the CSC board and usually awarded at the annual business meeting. This trophy was renamed in honor of long time CSC sailor Ed Lockey in 2010.

Old Salt



2024 Gene Saltero

2023 Mike Krasner

2022 Rob Drechsler

2021 Robert Cummings

2020 "Red Dog" Jones

2019 Bill Wilson

2018 Roland Foerster

2017 Norm Grail

2016 Kelly Gough

2015 "Red Dog" Jones

2014 Pete Seymour

2013 Mac McCoy

2012 Richard Wade

2011 Louis Rodencal

2010 Frank Richards 

2009 Ed Lockey 

2008 Bob Harrington 

2007 Bob Gough 

2006 Sylvan Newman

2005 John Diggins

2004 Harold Westerheim 

2003 Jim Needham

2002 Willis McQueen

2001 Max Hibbs

2000 Ed Lockey