Schedule an Event

Schedule an Event

CSC has a number of community and social events. Our members are invited to use the club facilities for qualifying events, following the below use guidelines. To send a request to reserve the facility, use this form.

CSC Facility Use and Reservations

The Commodore is the only person who can authorize the scheduling of a member's event on the official CSC calendar. Please read the Use Policy, Reservations Checklist and Cleanup Checklist below for more information. If you do not see something scheduled, do not assume that the club is available since these schedules are continually changing.

Policies for Use of CSC Facilities

1. The clubhouse, VIP structure, north gazebo or other CSC facilities may be scheduled by members for use by their families and guests. Associate members cannot reserve CSC facilaties for events within the first year of membership
2. CSC facilities are not available for rent or use by nonmembers.
3. If a club social, junior or sailing event is scheduled, the sponsoring member must check with the event coordinator to insure that there are not conflicts between events. An event will not be scheduled until all conflicts are resolved. It is the member's responsibility to resolve conflicts before a reservation will be made. See the Reservations Checklist below.
4. The sponsoring member:
   a. Shall be in good standing with the club.
   b. Shall be in attendance for entire event including setup and cleanup.
   c. Is responsible for guest's behavior and CSC property.
   d. Is responsible to insure that youth events are properly chaperoned.
   e. Shall insure that the club is not modified in any way that permanently alters
       or damages the facility.
    f. Is responsible for cleanup of the facilities per the checklist below.
5. Functions attended by forty (40) or more people will pay for a pump-out and provide for removal of trash by dumpster or haul-off from club and park.  
6. No function has exclusive use of the clubhouse, VIP structure, north gazebo or other CSC facilities.
7. CSC rules shall be followed by all present.
8. Candles must be in some type of container and should not be placed on any wood surface, such as the deck or window sills. 
9. White Rock Lake Park curfew is 12 midnight.
10. "Group" members may only use the club for group activities as stated in the By-laws - Section 3 (e) (1) (iii)

Reservations Checklist

1. Check the CSC club calendar to ensure that a club social, junior or sailing event is not scheduled the same day as your event. 
2. If another event is scheduled, check with the event coordinator to ensure that there is not a conflict including setup and cleanup. A description of how the conflict will be resolved must accompany the schedule request.
3. Call or e-mail to schedule your event with name, date, time (setup through cleanup), event type, and expected number of guests. Confirm that calendars were checked, and have details of any conflict resolution.
4.  A $250 refundable deposit may be charged for private event reservations.  Once proof of clean-up after the event is submitted, either by email or text message.  A refund will be initiated.

Cleanup Checklist

1. Clean counters, tables, chairs, appliances and bathrooms.
2. Sweep floors and decks.
3. Remove trash and place trash bags next to park trash cans in front of the club.
4. Put new trash bags in containers.
5. Fold and store excess chairs and tables.
6. Remove event decorations and lights.
7. Remove excess food from the refrigerators.
8. Turn off the lights and fans, and lock the gates.
9. Remove any direction signs placed in the park.