2011 Flying Scot 5956 & Davit

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White deck and grey hull with white waterline and mohogany centerboard cap. Radical Racing package complete.

2 sets North top of line racing sails -- new set used 10 times. 360 swivel cleat for centerboard.

Seat cleating for jib with auto ratchets. Spinnaker halyard led aft with reel. Brand new gooseneck pin and spring hardware,

Spinnaker sheets -- internal system with ratchets under seat. Outhaull -- 6:1 led through deck and sleated to console.

Cunningham -- 6:1  led through deck and cleated to console. Vang -- 12:1 Cascade led aft to console cleat.

Pole lift -- 2:1 led through deck, then aft to single cleat. Pole downhaul -- shock cord through deck.

Trailex Regatta Sailboat Tailer Mdel Tx -- 1116FS. Sailor's Tailor TM cover -- gray poly with 2 vents.

Boat located at Corinthian Sailing Club Dallas, Texas. $22,900 for boat, davit and trailer.

Contact: Burton Shepherd @ (214) 908-07eight one