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Hello everyone, my name is Gabor Racz and I live over in Kessler Park.  I recently purchased a beautiful Corinthian Sailboat from a neighbor of mine named Matt McGaughey.  He unfortunately or fortunately had to move to Colorado and was kind enough to think of me when looking for someone to purchase his boat.  My brother (Tibor Racz) and I are the sailors in the family and jumped at the chance, we have already been in 2 of the current Frostbite Regatta's.  It has already been an amazing experience being a part of a Yacht club in the middle of Dallas, even after coming in Dead Last place in both races?! 

We are interested in purchasing a Davit for our boat and would love to be notified if any one is interested in selling theirs due to non-usage or getting ready to move or don't want to have it upgraded.  We feel fortunate to be a part of the Corinthian Yacht Club and have already met a lot of very nice and helpful people in the club!  BTW our boat's name is RaczStar #323  Once we have a few things fixed, sanded and sized correctly we hope to be in the front of the pack at the finish line.

Please reach out to us if you are interested in selling your Davit as we are here to stay!

Best to all,

Gabor Racz