Flying Scot trailer and Sunfish trailer

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Hi! I've got a Flying Scot trailer will sell for $350 OBO and a sunfish trailer that I will sell for $200 OBO. I believe lights and everything works. Okay tires; functiinal.  Selling "as is".  

The trailer came original w my FS which is hull 1258 so its been aroumd for a while; while I've owned it, its been in a garage.  I've never had the Scot on it but have pics of it on it from the person who sold me the Scot.

My number is 214-930-4852.

You will need to pick up the trailers at a residence inside 635 near the lake. 

FS trailer never registered, no title. Will just provide a bill of sale and statement that it is owned free and clear. 

Contact Doug at 214-930-4852 or Arthur at 469-964-5651.