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Don’t miss out.  The sail it already sold!  

Hello DLFers!  I am cleaning out the closet.  Few items for sale.  Give y’all first crack before eBay.

3 dagger boards ($485 new)
Mahogony - $75 (vintage - don’t pass this up!  Great for a trophy or to hang on your wall)
With red class sticker - $175 damage pictured
With blue class sticker $150 damage pictured

Mahogony rudder with rudder head (rudder heads are $165 alone! AND this is seriously vintage!!!) $100

Upper ($210 new
missing bottom plastic insert - pictured) $75

Boom with rigging ($330 new). $100

Intensity practice radial sail (no bag or battens). Has some life left $25

Tiller (this is off 204102, my boat - $165 new and out of stock!) $85

Message me if interested in any of this.  I’m going to list on eBay mid week next week.

Pics are on the DLF FB page