SOLD! Flying Scot #284 and Load Rite trailer for sale

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FS #284 is for sale with trailer. 1960s classic Douglass boat with spinnaker hardware, currently rigged for daysailing. 2 mains, 2 jibs, spinnaker, all lines, pole, and baot will come on newer Load Rite galvanized Flying Scot trailer in good condition.  Asking $1750 for boat and trailer together, boat is in sailable condition.  Titles and registration for boat and trailer.


See photos Dallas craigslist ad - search Flying Scot under "boats".


FS 284 is currently in a CSC club davit for ease of viewing and launching to check it out.  DAVIT IS NOT FOR SALE. Boat and trailer can be delivered in DFW area.

Text, 214-886-1067, Mark Courtney, or, to contact me.