New Membership Application

We are thrilled that you are interested in joining our CSC community! To apply for membership in CSC, go HERE. This link will take you to Wild Apricot, which is our membership management system.

Please read the General Membership Information before completing an application.

The club has three levels of annually renewable membership:

  • Regular membership is for boat owners and persons owning davits, leasing board boat pads or mooring a boat.
  • Associate membership is available to persons interested in sailing. Associate members are often crew for regular members and do not own a boat. Associate members may skipper a boat owned by a regular member. Associate members may not own a davit, lease a board boat pad or use the facilities to access a moored boat.

  • Provisional Membership is available to anyone who expresses an interest in sailing. Provisional membership shall be an individual adult membership. Provisional membership shall last no longer than six months, at which time the member shall be asked to move to associate’s membership, regular membership, or discontinue membership. An individual may only join as a Provisional member once. Provisional members shall be billed monthly at a rate determined by the board. At the end of six months the fees paid may be applied towards the new membership fees. Provisional members may participate in adult lessons and social events at CSC. Provisional members may not receive a gate code, reserve the clubhouse, or drive a safety boat. Ownership or leasing of club davits or board boat pads and club voting privileges are also not allowed. If a payment is missed the provisional member is immediately expelled. Initiation fees, special assessments and annual payments for capital improvements as defined in Article III, Sections 1,3, and 4 shall not be required for provisional members.

  • Student membership is available to students interested in sailing and who are attending an accredited college or university on a full time basis who wish to participate in club activities and rent a davit, lease a board boat pad or moor a boat.

You must be sponsored by two current regular members of the club. If you are interested in becoming a member but do not have two people who are willing to be sponsors, you can visit the club to meet people who may be willing to become sponsors. The best times to do this are usually Sunday afternoons during the club races or during First Friday or other social events. Note that if you are purchasing a davit, the davit owner cannot be one of your sponsors.

To apply for membership, complete Online New Member Application. You may pay by credit card online or send a check.

If membership is denied, all payments will be returned.  All membership dues and fees are paid annually with the sole exception of the Initiation Fee. The Membership Dues, Initiation Fees, and other Fees are paid as follow:

Current Regular Annual Membership Dues and Fees (tax included)   
Initiation Fee (not required for Student): $675
Initiation Fee (18 to 30 years of age): $337.50
Dues (Annual): $675
Davit Fee (Annual): $ 155 
Board Boat Pad Rental (Annual): $195
Tender Pad Rental (Annual): $ 104
Board Boat Rack Rental (Annual): $  86


Associate Membership Dues (tax included)   
Initiation Fee:  None 
Dues (Annual): $360 


Provisional Membership Dues (tax included)   
Initiation Fee:  None 
Dues (Monthly): $30


Student Membership (tax included)   
Initiation Fee: None
Dues (Annual): $360


Initiation Fees are not prorated. If a new member joins CSC anytime during April through September, the full amount of all annual Membership Dues and Fees will be required. If a new member joins during October through March, the annual Membership Dues and Fees will be prorated by one-half. Initiation Fees and New Membership Dues and Fees are not refundable.

Per the CSC By-Laws, the board of directors establishes the Initiation Fee, the Annual Membership Dues, and Fees each year.

The davits and slips are owned by the individual regular members and must be purchased from a regular member. The board boat pads are leased from the club. Moorings are individually maintained.  If a club member places a mooring on the lake, it must be under the guidance of a regular member.