Coronavirus Impacts CSC

This news article summarizes newsletters, so you may want to read them going back to March 13th for details.

A respiratory virus (COVID-19, aka novel coronavirus) started in China in January and spread to a worldwide pandemic by March. It has infected over a million people in the US. In response to recommendations from our local and state leaders, the CSC board made the decision on March 13th to cancel all near term organized activities at the club. This included organized racing, private events and the April and May First Friday Parties.  Additional restrictions and cancellations were rolled out incrementally over the next month and a half to comply with evolving restrictions. Spruce-Up Day, Splash Day, Second Saturday Shoreline Cleanup, May Adult Sailing Classes and Women on Water were either postponed or cancelled.

Dallas County eventually limited public and social gatherings to no more than 10 people placing further restriction on the use of the club. The club is not closed and members are permitted to perform boat and dock repairs. If you do go to the club, please practice social distancing and use good judgment so as not to expose yourself and others. On March 25th, the City of Dallas informed the sailing and rowing clubs that we are to “immediately suspend all activity on White Rock Lake until further notice.”

White Rock Lake Park became an increasing popular spot for people to get outdoors during the coronavirus outbreak, but many in the park were not observing the social distancing. Consequently, the city erected barriers at entrances to the lake on March 30th to reduce the crowd sizes.  These remained in place through Easter when the park was reopened.

On April 11, the park department closed the lake to all on the water activities. This stayed in place until May 1 when the state began reopening businesses and relaxing shelter-in-place guidelines. As of May 1, the club is open for recreationally sailing, but only by yourself or with family members. Individuals may have access to the club, but must wear face covering and practice social distancing when on the dock. No date has been set for when organized racing or other activities will resume. The board will continue to monitor the situation to determine when it is appropriate  to resume activities at CSC. 

With many businesses shuttering and others reducing hours, many people will be facing financial hardships. We do not want any member to decide not to renew their membership as a result. If you feel that you are in a situation where you cannot pay renewal fees at this time, please reach out to our Rear Commodore – Membership, Renee Comen, to discuss your situation and a payment plan option.  We value your membership in the CSC family.

Stay safe!

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