Why do we like Peter Seymour?

Pete Seymour passed away Monday morning, October 19, 2020.  We (all of us middle-aged guys and gals) all want to be a strong and competitive racer when we are in our 80’s. We want to race well, then come back to the dock and be the quick-witted conversationalist. The one who lightens up the atmosphere.

We want to be the respected, experienced advisor on boats and repairs. The one with the firm handshake and the ready smile. We want to be taking risks without being told we are too old (or young) to be doing what we want.

For Pete Seymour, that started when he was eight years old learning to sail and race in Long Island Sound.  In fact, for Pete’s 84 years on this watery earth, he had sailboats for 73 of them.  He owned and raced Sunfish teaching his daughter Laurie to go fast, raced his Fireball in Austin and Dallas, trapezed-out on three different Solings, a Flying Scott, a Bristol Corinthian, and he and his wife Barbara cruised Lake Texoma for a decade on their beloved Catalina 30.  He leaves behind a Saber 34 he purchased last year in Newport, Rhode Island that he sailed around New England with Laurie and John and was in the process of refurbishing and restoring.  Pete loved every one of those experiences, but he often said the best sailing of his life was as a member of the Corinthian Sailing Club, racing and restoring their fast Corinthian affectionately named ‘Twisted Mistress’.  Barbara and Pete were stalwarts in Corinthian Fleet No. 1.

Pete was that guy. He is what a lot of us hope to get to become. He was a role model for us youngsters that are still a couple of decades behind him. Pete was the Admiral of Corinthian Fleet One for these reasons and many more.

Laurie will announce memorial service arrangements when plans are made and it may take a while, so heave to and carry on.  One thing is certain: Barbara and Pete will be buried together at Kensico Cemetery in Valhalla.

Now, he has sailed beyond the horizon where we cannot see him. He leaves behind fond memories and good friends and will leave room at the mark.

Corinthian Fleet #1

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