If you want to come out and crew for another sailor, to get experience and to learn more about our community, come out to the club about an hour before any of our standing races to see if any of our Skippers need help! Some of our fleets also have Loaner Boats for experienced sailors to use if you are new to the community and considering joining the club and buying your own boat soon!

The Snipe fleet conducts its “Skills and Drills” sailing and crewing instruction sessions on Thursday evenings at 6:00 with on-the-water experiences when the weather and daylight permit and on shore sessions otherwise.  Novice and beginner crews are invited to join in the Saturday Short Course practice sessions where every effort is made to get on-the-water experience for all who sign up in at least two of the 6-10 races during a two-hour session.  More information is available at on the snipe home page.

Sign-up for either is through the Snipe fleet’s Meetup app: Dallas Snipe Sailing & Sailboat Racing at White Rock Lake.