CSC Burgee Collection

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The burgee display in the CSC clubhouse was reworked in 2021. The burgees that have hung there for the last 15 or 20 years were taken down and cleaned. In addition, burgees have been collected from traveling club members and visitors and burgee exchanges with other clubs. Quite a collection has been amassed. We currently have burgees from 25 clubs in Texas, 9 from collage sailing programs, 83 from clubs in other states and 9 from clubs in other countries in the burgee display.

Burgees will be added to the collection, displayed at the club and added to the Flickr page as they are received. You can help us add to the club's burgee collection. One of the ways we get others club's burgees is by exchanging burgees. If you are traveling to an out of town regatta or plan to visit a sailing club on your travels, take a CSC burgee with you to use in an exchange. You may be the next to bring home a new burgee for the collection.

Anderson has been photographing and cataloging the collection. Most of the burgees have been photographed and can now be seen on CSC Flickr page. There is also a list of burgees that we currently have. These will be updated as we receive new burgees.

Updated 12-20-2021