CSC is the proud home of the following fleets, offering many boat types for all types of sailors. Our fleets are listed below, along with links to details for each fleet, and to other websites that each fleet has created.

Butterfly Fleet

Corinthian Fleet

  • The Corinthian is the largest boat at CSC. With a main, jib and spinnaker, this keel boat is a classic. The Corinthian is easily handled by two and is used for both day sailing and racing on Sundays. 

    For more info see Bristol Yacht Owners and also, take a look at Cape Dory Typhoon info - the Corinthian's little sister.

Flying Scot Fleet

Laser Fleet


  • The very first chartered Snipe fleet originated at White Rock Lake in 1934 and now Snipe Fleet 1 calls CSC home. The Snipe is a 15-1/2 ft. sloop weighing 381 pounds with serious "go-fast" controls which have attracted racing sailors world-wide. Very tight one-design class rules and superior construction requirements mean these boats remain very competitive for years. 

    Dallas Snipe Fleet 1 has loaner boats, boats for sale, and a lease-to-buy option.  We assist new members with rigging and tuning.  All levels of ability, from beginner to expert, are welcome at our "short course" practice races which are held year round. See our Snipe Fleet Meetup page for the latest schedule of fleet activities including the practice races. Contact Us if you want to join in the fun!

Photo of radio control sailboats

  • Racing radio control sailboats is very exciting and lots of fun. All of the tactics are the same as for sailing full size boats, but with model boats everything happens much more quickly. There are lots of starts and lots of buoy roundings. Skippers are often of very competitive big boat skippers. When you get it right, it is fairly simple. Here are some of the tips we have learned over the years that will help guide you to having a terrific time racing your radio control sailboat with a fun group of fellow sailors.

Aero Fleet

  • The Aero is a lightweight one-person performance boat with 4 rig sizes making it perfect for all sizes and weights. The Aero is 13’2’ long, 4’7’ wide and weighs only 66 pounds due to its epoxy construction with carbon fiber strategically placed. The construction makes a boat that is competitive for many years. The rig is also carbon fiber with a modern design fathead sail making the boat feel lively and fun to sail. 

    It weighs 88 pounds fully rigged making it easy to launch and retrieve for smaller lighter sailors and juniors. 

    The Aero is raced worldwide and fleets are quickly growing in North America. There are two fleets in DFW with a third soon to come. We have a Texas circuit with regattas in different places around the state and fleet racing on Saturday at White Rock. We usually have a loaner boat for those who are interested it trying an Aero so come sail with us and join the fun. It is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.



  • The Corinthian Sailing Club is committed to youth sailing education, which teaches children so much about sailing, but also about personal responsibility, safety, and being a part of a team.

    Our Juniors programs are led by experienced sailors and dedicated parents. We sponsor an active juniors racing team and host the annual Rock the Rock youth regatta as part of the Texas Sailing Association Youth Circuit. 

Women On Water

  • The goal of our WOW Program is to give women sailors the opportunity to improve their sailing skills, get involved at CSC, and meet fellow women sailors. To participate in WOW, please consider the following:

    1) You must be a member of CSC to participate in on-site events. If you’re not a member and are interested in getting more information about joining CSC, visit our Membership Page . Please see our new Provisional Membership Level on the page. This is an affordable monthly membership, at the end of 6 months all fees paid will be applied to your Associates or Regular membership.

    2) WOW is a seasonal program running May – early August

    While formal sailing education through CSC is not required to participate in WOW, we strongly encourage that participants have previous sailing knowledge. WOW is not intended to provide beginner level knowledge. Our goal is to give women an opportunity to build upon their sailing skills, which will allow them to more confidently participate in other CSC programming.

    To receive program updates, sign up for the Women on the Water email list.

    For specific questions, contact our Women on the Water program coordinators.