Race Duty Schedule

All club members that race are expected to serve on the race committee as assigned by their fleet. Other club members are invited to volunteer to serve race duty. This is an excellent way to get to see and understand how races are run and see racing up close.

Each fleet will be responsible for assigning race committee members. If fleet representatives have any questions or concerns, they should contact the ERC for that month, or Vice Commodore Race. If a person has been assigned race duty or volunteered for race duty and cannot serve, they are expected to find a replacement. They then need to contact the duty fleet, or PRO if identified, to let them know who will be serving duty in their place.

For more information about conducting races, see Race Management page.

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PRO Griffin Orr

Tim Ponter,  Karly Albert,  Sean Thompson,  Eric Roman,  Alex Goldberg,  Brig North

PRO John Weston

Larry Seals ,  Bowman O'Conner,  Joyce Roth ,  Bill Leiser, Melora Leiser,  John Erickson

PRO Forest Atkins

Mandy Atkins,  Doug Carriger,  Brittany Carriger,  Phil Morris,  Theresa Morris,  Bob Gough

PRO Greta Mittman