Welcome to the New CSC Website

Our club website has served the club well for over 20 years, but it was becoming difficult to maintain and needed to fresh new face. Also, our member user base is migrating from desktop and laptop computers to also using phones and tablets to access the site which was difficult to use from a portable device.

A new club website was developed to address all the concerns. It has been over a year in the making and was launched on June 4th.  It was shepherded by the club’s new Rear Commodore for IT, Griffin Orr. Skvare LLC, owned by club member Peter  Petrik, developed the new website. Club member Adrienne Palmer was the Skvare project manager and team leader. A team comprised of Steve Brockett, Steve Comen, Porter Fuqua, Griffin Orr, Tim Ponter, Greta Mittman, Michael Mittman and Frank Richards provided guidance, support and content for the project. The new website uses a content management system that will allow club stakeholders to upload their own content. This should help keep the site current and relevant.

Hopefully you will agree that the new website provides a better overall user experience. You should be able to use it on your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone as you desire. Let us know what you think.

Also, the club internet and Wi-Fi infrastructure is being upgraded to provide more reliability and capability. The modems, routers, Wi-Fi hubs and computers are being replaced with commercial grade equipment. New wiring is being installed to replace older deteriorating interconnections and to allow us to expand Wi-Fi and video camera coverage within the club.

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